Field Representative/Project Inspector

Position Summary


This position will perform construction observation on projects for assurance that the project has been completed in compliance with design plans and specifications.  This person will work with minimal supervision and will apply knowledge of construction practices and materials testing requirements to document Contractor’s construction progress and perform quality assurance on projects. 




  • Read and interpret plans and specifications for quality assurance during the construction.
  • Communicate and update Project Manager with status of construction progress on a daily basis.
  • Have working knowledge of surveying and staking procedures in order to perform quality assurance of geometric layout of projects.
  • Conduct materials testing following prescribed procedures on soil, concrete, bituminous, and aggregate materials. 
  • Maintain log of materials testing results.
  • Measure and document installed quantities.
  • Document changes during construction for as-built drawings when field adjustments are made.
  • Complete detailed construction reports using MS Word and MS Excel.
  • Monitor performance of contractors and have the ability to confront design compliance issues with contractors when identified.
  • Perform submittal control reviews. 
  • Perform other duties, such as work on a survey crew, or develop construction documents using AutoCAD as requested.




  • Exhibits initiative, responsibility, flexibility and leadership
  • Self-Motivated and ability to work independently
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
  • General knowledge of construction practices and methodology
  • Working knowledge of surveying and staking procedures
  • Understanding of testing procedures
  • Ability and aptitude to interpret and understand plans and specifications
  • Proficiency in MS Office and MS Excel
  • Ability to pass safety classes and exhibit safety-oriented mentality
  • Good math skills (ability to:  add, subtract, multiply, divide); must be able to calculate areas, distances, and volumes
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Good technical writing skills including ability to use appropriate grammar and proof read
  • Ability to pass all certification exams required of clients
  • Effective human relations skills to build consensus, resolve conflict and confront/address design compliance issues with contractors




High School Diploma or equivalent required.  2-year degree from technical school or college, or equivalent experience preferred.




2+ years’ construction, survey, and/or field observation experience preferred but not required.  Proficiency in MS Word and MS Excel required.  Must have ability to pass certifications.  Experience and knowledge of materials testing preferred. 

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