Evergy Plaza – Topeka, KS

Image courtesy of HTK Architects

  • Site Development
  • Water & Utility Engineering

Project Overview

Year completed: 2020

Construction Cost: $5,000,000 (Plaza Area), $500,000 (Utility Construction)

Location: Topeka, KS

The Downtown Plaza Project (Evergy Plaza) is a Public/Private Partnership project to create a public event space in the core of Downtown Topeka. At SBB Engineering, we developed the site plan, grading plan, 7th St. streetscaping, sanitary, water, and storm reconstruction, sidewalk, and parking modifications. We also coordinated with Topeka Metro for a bus stop location at the front entrance to the plaza. The Downtown Plaza will be the focal point for community celebrations, events, and concerts for years to come. It was designed to accommodate a variety of events including space for an outdoor skating rink for winter use and a spray park, fountains, and a water feature for summertime use.



Project Successes

  • Public/private partnership
  • 12” water line replacement
  • 12” sanitary sewer replacement
  • Storm sewer and inlet replacement
  • Rain garden stormwater BMPs
  • Event space planning and design
  • Street scaping and pedestrian enhancements
  • Economic development and tourist enhancements
  • Performance stage and fountain site design

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