SW Gary Ormsby Reconstruction Project

  • Roadway Repair
  • Transportation Engineering

Project Overview

Year completed: 2019

Construction Cost: $620,000

Location: Topeka, KS

Our team working closely with the City of Topeka, Shawnee County, and the City’s geotechnical consultant to develop construction documents for this roadway repair project. We obtained traffic volumes and traffic forecast, and developed the geometric design and construction documents for the project.

Our approach was to minimize project costs by reclaiming the existing asphalt pavement, mixing it with the existing subgrade soils, and treating it with approximately 5% cement (by weight). The reclaimed asphalt material/cement treated base was then overlaid with 4”‐6” asphalt pavement based on the geotechnical recommendations developed during the design phase.

We also analyzed the design flow of the ditches at the sides of the road to determine if the top of water elevation in the ditch was at least one foot below the bottom of the cement treated base. We lowered the ditch profiles in order to reduce the moisture levels in the subgrade during high rainfall, which will result in less deterioration of the road bed.

Project Successes

  • Joint project between Shawnee County and City of Topeka
  • Improved traffic capacity
  • Designed for heavy truck traffic
  • Cement treated subgrade
  • ASCE SUE QL-A coordination resulted in no utility conflicts during construction
  • Coordination with Mars for temporary traffic control and access
  • Coordinated with USD 437 to limit road closure to summer months when school was out of session
  • KDOT permitting for traffic control and ramp closures

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