Tennessee Town Neighborhood Improvement

  • Transportation Engineering
  • Surveying
  • Water & Utility Engineering

Project Overview

Year completed: 2019

Construction Cost: $1,220,000

Location: Topeka, KS

Location: 11th, Munson, Lincoln, and Buchanan Streets

The Tennessee Town neighborhood improvement project was a City of Topeka SORT Project that aimed to improve the community through public infrastructure improvements in the neighborhood.

The project included both street and sidewalk improvements as well as preservation of historic brick streets and sidewalks where they existed.

We performed the topographic survey, street maintenance design, infill sidewalk connections, storm sewer replacement, inlet replacement, and waterline design for the project.

In order to prevent utility delays during construction, we met with AT&T and Kansas Gas Service to identify potential underground utility conflicts and worked with both utilities to stake the locations of the potential conflicts and shoot the elevations of the underground utilities once exposed. We have taken this approach on all of our infrastructure projects to avoid delays during construction, and utility companies see the value in this as there are instances where small design changes can eliminate potential conflicts and save on relocation costs.

Project Successes

  • Historic brick streets and sidewalks were completely preserved
  • The infill sidewalk project was broken out separately to reduce bid prices
  • USACE SUE QL-A coordination and identification resulted in no utility conflicts during construction
  • Led successful public involvement and engagement meetings

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